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What are Immigration Bonds, and Why They Are Important?

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During the last six years, Homeland Security has been active in tracking down on immigration, particularly illegal immigrants in the United States. Agents from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have been very active during the same period and have been getting much media coverage. For immigrants in Arizona and their families, being detained or arrested by these agents can be a very shocking experience. For loved ones of illegal immigrants, securing an immigration bond is one way to get fair treatment for those detained by ICE. Understanding how the ICE works and what immigration bonds are can help family members cope with such a dire situation.
What are Immigration Bonds

What is an Immigration Bond?

Immigration bonds are a financial instrument that guarantees someone will show up for their immigration court date or deportation hearing. More specifically, Immigration Bonds, or I-Bonds (I-131s is the form number), are used for non-citizen immigrants detained by immigration officials after they arrive at U.S. ports of entry.

The bonds are a type of payment to the government, allowing non-citizens to enter the United States. They are paid by non-citizen detainees or people who have entered the country illegally. Bonds allow them to leave detention centers and move freely. Those who can’t afford bonds must wait for deportation hearings, which can take months or even years.

Who is an Immigration Bond Agent, and Why Are They Important?

An immigration bond agent is a company, or a person, who will post bail for detainees held by the U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement. These bondsmen can help speed up the process of release of detainees because of their legal experience and knowledge of the paperwork required for release. A bondsman can also help with providing bond money should the detainees’ party can’t release funds for a detained family member. Securing the services of an immigration bond agent is one of the activities what an immigration attorney do along with providing representation.

What Are The Different Types of Immigration Bonds? 

There are two types of Arizona Immigration bail bonds. These are delivery bond and voluntary departure bond. However, if the ICE considers the detainee a threat to the public or national security, these bonds can’t be obtained. A detainee considered a flight risk by the ICE is also not eligible for an Arizona immigration bail bond.

Delivery Bond: 

An immigration judge or an ICE agent issues a delivery bond to a detained illegal immigrant after a bond hearing. This bond allows the detained illegal immigrant to appear in court later. Moreover, delivery bonds allow the detainee to spend time with friends and family and consult with their immigration attorney. Suppose the detainee’s family opts for help from an immigration bail bond agent for the bond money. In that case, the immigration bond agent is accountable for the illegal immigrant to appear in an immigration court once released.

Voluntary Departure Bond: 

In certain conditions, the ICE may offer detainees to opt for a voluntary departure bond. Voluntary departure bonds allow detained illegal immigrants the chance to leave the United States on a specific date for a particular amount of bond amount. The bond money will be refunded to the family members of the illegal immigrant once they leave the United States. 

Public Safety Bond – G2 

This bond ensures any fees paid to the government are reimbursed if an alien accepts public help.

Order of Supervisions Bond – G4 

This immigration bond acts as an order to warrant all conditions set for supervision are adhered to, and the individual accepts removal. The basics of immigration bonds can be confusing and if you require help navigating the system, give us a call at Westover Law Firm in Mesa, AZ. 

This bond ensures any fees paid to the government are reimbursed if an alien accepts public help.

How Much Does Immigration Bonds Cost? 

The cash bond depends on how much the ICE and immigration judges set them. The immigration bond cost depends on employment, family, and criminal history. The expected minimum amount for an Arizona immigration bond is $1,500 for a delivery bond and $500 for a departure bond.  


How can an Illegal Immigrant in Immigration Detention Obtain an Immigration Bail Bond? 

An immigration bail bond can be obtained through a cash bond and a surety bond. Note that a lawful permanent resident should sponsor the immigration bond. For detainees, it is essential to consider immigration attorney cost along with bond costs.

Surety Bond: The typical cost of surety bonds is 15% to 20% of the total immigration bond amount.

Cash Bond: The detainee’s sponsor pays the bond amount in full through cash, cashier’s check, U.S. bonds, or money order. The ICE office will refund the money once the illegal immigrant attends to their obligations to the immigration court.

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