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What Does an Immigration Attorney Do?

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The Immigration laws in the United States are complex. Moreover, immigration laws evolve constantly. Whether you are an illegal immigrant or a foreign resident of the United States, you will need an immigration lawyer to help you navigate the complexities of immigration law, which can be as complicated as tax law. Specific situations such as applying for a visa or green card could drag on for years if applicants make a simple mistake. To prevent severe cases where applicants are denied or, worse yet, detained for a long time, help from immigration lawyers is indispensable.

What Does an Immigration Attorney Do

How Can Immigration Attorneys Help?


Interpretation of Immigration Laws


The application process for visas and green cards is complicated. Many immigration lawyers help applicants map out the strategies, present possibilities, and formulate proper steps to ensure a trouble-free legal status. Moreover, they can prepare the proper arguments to present to an immigration judge. An immigration attorney can also help clients file the appropriate documentation to satisfy the requirements of immigration services.

Understanding the Visa and Green Card Application Process


For a person seeking immigration, you will be looking for someone to help you provide what the U.S. government needs for a smooth application process. An experienced immigration attorney understands the complexities of the application process and will ensure no mistakes are made every step of the way.

An Immigration Lawyer Can Help With Paperwork


Considering all the sensitive or confidential information, such as birth and marriage certificates, along with the requirements that are required in immigration cases, immigration lawyers can help organize the incredible amount of paperwork an immigration court requires.

An Excellent Attorney-Client Relationship


For many foreign residents, the best-placed persons that can represent them to any government agencies are their immigration lawyers. For instance, an immigration attorney can present the proper documentation and evidence to an approving body to convince them to grant a visa or a green card. Moreover, they can help present a viable argument that can hold in an immigration court. Contradictions in client stories will break cases, and an immigration lawyer best handles immigration status or permanent resident status and the proper case details to ensure everything is organized.

An Immigration Lawyer Provides Legislative Aid In Deportation Proceedings


Especially for detainees, an immigration lawyer is a best-placed person to help look for possible avenues in their situation. Aside from legal advice, they can represent clients in an immigration court appearance to present their case in the best way possible. Many immigration lawyers provide avenues to enable detainees to pay legal fees despite their status. Some immigration lawyers can also facilitate immigration bonds to alleviate their clients’ situation, as the immigration attorney cost alone can be prohibitive to many clients.

An Immigration Lawyer Can Deal With Complicated Immigration Issues


For foreign residents, switching visas can be complicated. Immigration lawyers can provide the proper legal advice to help clients through the different rules and regulations that apply to each visa.

Takeaways: Westover Law Firm Are Your Best Option For an Immigration lawyer


Unlike law firms that take a “factory” mentality in dealing with cases, Westover Law Firm, founded by Jesse Westover in 2008, believes there is a better way to do business as a law firm. Clients know the Westover Law Firm as friendly, honest, and effective in dealing with their cases. Today, the firm has grown to eight staff and has successfully represented thousands of clients in a broad range of cases from business law, criminal law, personal injury, family law, and civil litigation involving immigration law.

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