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What are The Factors Affecting The Immigration Attorney Cost?

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Immigration law has complicated rules. Though it is possible to complete the immigration process yourself without legal representation, the immigration process presents many pitfalls which might lead to denial of your desired immigration status. Though legal fees might be high for you, having an immigration lawyer to work with every step of the way can be worth it. When faced with complicated legal situations, the value of having the appropriate legal assistance far outweighs the immigration lawyer cost.

Factors Affecting The Immigration Attorney Cost

Immigration Attorney Cost Factors

The level of experience of the attorney: An experienced immigration lawyer with a good reputation tends to fetch higher fees than beginners. However, it is crucial to select immigration lawyers who are experienced in representing cases similar to yours. Some younger immigration lawyers are highly competent and may charge less for their immigration attorney fees. However, you can check client reviews when hiring an immigration lawyer.

Location: Immigration lawyer costs in Washington D.C. or Boston could be higher than hiring immigration lawyers in smaller towns in the midwest. Depending on the state, you may expect to pay at a higher fee structure.

The Scope of Work for Your Case: The average immigration lawyer fees also depend on the complexity of your case. You can expect higher immigration lawyers charge if your case involves deportation defense or criminal charges compared to adjustment of status application, for instance.

How You Want Your Lawyer to Support You: Are you seeking a work visa? Or are you looking for a lawyer to navigate the complicated procedures required for petitioning your family for asylum? As mentioned in the previous item, the complexity of the immigration case and the extent of the required legal services affect immigration lawyer charges. It is reasonable to consult with a lawyer first to determine whether there is a chance that your immigration case will have a successful outcome. In that case, you will know from the initial consultation if your investment will be worth it.

Average Immigration Lawyer Fees


An immigration lawyer typically charges $75 to $150 for a 30-minute initial consultation fee. Should the consultation extend to over an hour, expect to pay between $150 and $300 for the hourly rate. Basic filing fees for immigration forms run between $200 to $1,000. Green card assistance ranges from $500 to $5,000, plus USCIS filing fees between $450 to $800.

How Much Does an Immigration Lawyer Charge for Specific Services?


Apart from hourly rates, immigration lawyers typical rates for specific services are as follows:

  • Application for Employment Authorization: $200 to $500

  • Family Green Card Petition: $600 to $2,000

  • Employment-based Green Card Petitions: $1,500 to $5,000

  • Deportation Defense: $2,000 to $10,000

  • For other Immigration Lawyer Costs:

  • Asylum Application: $1,000 to $4,000

  • Adjustment of Status: $500 to $1,500

The immigration lawyer worth depends on the extent of involvement of the immigration lawyer. Immigration cases involving deportation will take much of your attorney’s time than, for instance, corporate immigration cases.

Average Immigration Attorney Cost:


Applying for U.S. Citizenship for different scenarios requires many different requirements, forms, and procedures. For instance, Immigration attorneys typical rates for H-1-B Visa are between $1,200 to $1,500 plus a USCIS fee between $500 to $2,500. Here are the expected attorney fees and USCIS fees for specific visa applications: 

  • H1-B Visa: Attorney fees are between $1,200 to $1,500 plus a USCIS fee between $460 to $2,500

  • H1-B1 Visa (for Chilean and Singaporean citizens): Attorney fee at $1,000 and an ACWIA fee of $460

  • H-4 Visa: Attorney fees are between $200 and $400, and a USCIS fee of $370

  • J-1 Visa Waiver: Attorney fee at $1,000 and a DS-3035 fee of $120

  • L-1 Visa: Attorney fee of $2,500 and a USCIS fee of $460

  • TN and E-3 Visa: Attorney fee of $500 and a USCIS fee between $0 to $460

Green Card Attorney Fees


Immigration laws allow for specific types of applications to have more complicated and longer processing than others, affecting the typical legal fees charged by immigration attorneys.

For instance, typical legal fees for green card applications are fixed between $800 for a sibling of a U.S. citizen to exceptional cases such as applying for National Interest Waiver and Extraordinary Ability (EB-1), which costs $2,900 plus a USCIS fee of $700 for both. Employer-sponsored labor certification with PERM has an attorney fee of around $2,000. For specific occupations in demand in the U.S., such as Physical Therapists and Registered nurses, the attorney fees are approximately $1,400, with a USCIS fee of $700.

U.S. Citizenship Attorney Fees


The average cost of attorney fees for an N-400 naturalization application is around $500, with a USCIS fee of $725.

Takeaways: Hiring an Immigration Lawyer Is Worth The Cost


Immigration laws are difficult to navigate. Even apparently straightforward cases might take a turn for the worst if a single mistake was made in the application process. The processing time involved in almost every immigration-related matter is long, and you can’t afford to redo everything all over again in the case of visa denials. What does an immigration attorney do? An immigration attorney is indispensable in specific situations such as bond hearings, and court appearances. They can also provide help in applying for immigration bonds. There are infinite possibilities that something might go wrong in your immigration matters. Having the right attorney virtually guarantees you a better chance for a successful outcome in your applications.

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