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Our Westover Law Group Process

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Each case we deal with has its own elements and story. No two cases are alike. No one has the same immigration history, criminal history, family circumstance, age, health, length of time in the United States, business ties, size or needs. As a result, Westover Law Firm handles each case individually as there is no “one process fits all” mentality.

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This means that our attorneys will sit down personally with each client individually from the very beginning. We will listen to “your story” and then ask the appropriate questions to determine where, how and if we can represent you. We will be honest and give you realistic strategies and advise. Often, honest advice results in us not taking cases, wherein we determine that the case is too risky for the client or the client is not eligible to receive an immigration benefit. We have heard over and over again from clients who have visited other firms or other legal representation “if they would have told me that, I would never have started my process.” You will not experience the “start with us and see what happens” only to learn at the end that the legal benefit was not obtainable. We will be honest and straightforward from the initial consultation.

Westover Law Firm prides itself on personal and friendly service, but above all strives to be honest with its clientele and discuss viable and realistic options, strategies, and potential results. We love helping families come together and businesses grow.

If you have family members that need legal assistance or questions about nationality law, family law, deportation defense, and immigration law like employment immigration or family immigration don’t hesitate to call us at Westover Law Firm we are glad to help you.

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Initial Consultation

We encourage all potential clients or people seeking legal advise to consult with one of our attorneys. You will not meet with a paralegal or representative, but with one of the attorneys in our office. Westover Law Firm has clients all over the world and loves when people meet with us in our office, however, we also understand that this is often difficult or impossible to do for some. Therefore, we also offer telephonic consultations with one of our attorneys as well.

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Legal Representation

After meeting with an attorney and deciding to contract Westover Law Firm, clients are given a list of documents to provide as evidence for their case as well as personal questionnaires to help our staff prepare your applications. The work then begins. We have very detailed and organized written guides to help aid the process, however, we understand that sometimes the process can be overwhelming. Therefore, we encourage clients with questions or doubts to come in, email or call, and our experienced staff with excellent service will help you through any struggles or concerns you may have. As applications are finished the clients come in and sign the legal work and review one more time any issues, corrections, or changes that need to be made. If an interview or hearings are required in the process, the client will come in several times to meet with the staff and the attorneys to review testimony, evidence, and preparation needed before said legal proceedings. Attorneys are always present at your interview or hearing. We are at your side always!!

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If for some unfortunate reason a case is denied and there is a viable legal argument as to the error in the decision, we will happily handle any appeal that is needed. We are experienced with both the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) and the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) and have successfully won cases on appeal when a decision is made in error or an abuse of discretion is found.


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