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Questions To Ask Your Immigration Lawyer During Your First Meeting

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Immigration law rivals tax laws in complexity. Consequently, immigration cases can be complicated and require a lot of paperwork. 

With a good immigration lawyer, this whole process could be easier to manage. However, the first meeting is crucial to know what does an immigration attorney do and to ensure that your immigration case wouldn’t hit snags throughout the immigration process.

To guide you through the most important appointment, the first meeting, here are the essential questions you need to ask your immigration attorney:

Ask Your Immigration Attorney About Their Previous Experience


You must select an attorney specializing in immigration law with experience in similar cases to yours. Their capability and expertise in handling your case depend on their rich experience and specialization.

Immigration lawyers have specific specializations depending on the immigration case. Immigration law is a broad field. Immigration law experience may cover several domains. Some are experts in green card applications, others are dedicated to employment-related visa applications, and some immigration attorneys deal with family immigration cases. 

While some cases may look straightforward, complicated issues, such as deportation proceedings, may require immigration attorneys experienced in dealing with similar cases.

You may also research their reputation through their board certification, educational background, papers published, or awards that signify that they are the right immigration lawyer for you.

Ask About Their Membership in the American Immigration Lawyers Association.


Because immigration laws are very complicated, it is essential to ask an immigration lawyer about their membership in the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).

A member of the AILA means they are updated with all the regulations, policies, and best practices. AILA can also be one of the best places to look for the right immigration lawyer that fits your needs. 

Ask An Immigration Lawyer About The Specifics of Your Case and your Chances of Success.


Once you present your case during the initial consultation, you can ask an immigration lawyer’s opinion. An experienced immigration lawyer can provide you with an honest and realistic assessment of the prospects, possible strategies, or whether or not your case will have a successful outcome. 

You must be transparent about your case when you present them to your immigration lawyer, especially if you have a criminal record or other obstacles. To have a successful outcome, it is crucial that you help your immigration lawyer with all the material they need. 

Ask About Their Membership in the State Bar Association.


Though immigration laws are strictly federal, there will be instances when your immigration attorney will need to appear before the local USCIS district office or local immigration judges. Unlike immigration lawyers who practice out of state, local attorneys can overcome local court policies more smoothly. 

Ask Who Will Provide Legal Representation.


During your initial consultation, it is also essential to determine the immigration lawyer who will be providing legal representation to you, especially when you approach a law firm. Your immigration lawyer, after all, will receive all the details about your case. 

Ask Your Immigration Lawyer About The Best Strategy For Your Specific Case.

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After hearing your immigration case thoroughly, your immigration lawyer can map out an actionable plan with timelines and steps you need toward your goal. Since the immigration process is complicated, a tangible and actionable plan is essential to help you avoid potential risks that will jeopardize your case. 

The plan includes the collection and submission of critical documents and affidavits and helps you get prepared for interviews as well as when you will be present in court hearings if applicable. 

Ask Your Immigration Lawyer How You Will Communicate Throughout The Process.


The immigration process may take months or years before completion. Therefore, you must establish a clear communication channel with your immigration lawyer. 

It would help if you also asked your immigration lawyer when they will start working on your immigration case. A personable and friendly immigration lawyer with the time to handle your case correctly is also essential.

Ask How Much Immigration Lawyers Charge for Their Services.


Because your immigration case may be complicated, it is essential to ask how much your immigration lawyer will charge for their services.

Moreover, you may also ask them about the total estimated costs, which include filing fees, fixed fees, visas and permit costs, and other expenses that might come up, such as DNA tests, document translation, or any requirements specific to your case.

It is also crucial to determine who will be paying any of the filing required by the government. Complicated cases may require legal assistants to help you solve your particular case.

Once you have laid out the total costs, they can help you formulate a payment plan to ensure that your case is adequately financed from the immigration application, for instance, through to completion. 

Ask Your Immigration Lawyer If You Need to Sign A Contract.


The contract contains an agreement that will guarantee the extent of your and your immigration lawyer’s responsibilities, such as expectations, conditions, and obligations.


Ask About The Next Steps You Need to Take After the Contract Signing. 


To help you through the process, knowing what steps you will take after your initial consultation is essential. The answer to these questions will help you clear the path through the complicated process. 


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Westover Law Firm prides itself on its personal and friendly service. We love to help families come together. We also love to help businesses grow. Above all, our firm strives to be honest with its clients when discussing viable and realistic options, potential results, and strategies.

Our attorneys are specialized in handling a wide range of immigration issues. Specializations in Immigration and Nationality Law include Family Immigration, which covers immigration petition cases, Deportation Defense, U-Visas, Employment Immigration, VAWA, Naturalization, Work Permits, DACA, and all other related cases related to immigration law.

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