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Can Immigration Lawyer Speed Up Process?

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Navigating the immigration system can be quite a challenge. That’s where an immigration attorney comes in. These experts understand the ins and outs of the immigration process, making things smoother for their clients. But can an experienced immigration lawyer speed up the process? 

Many people wonder about this, given the complexities of the immigration system. Immigration lawyers certainly have skills and knowledge that can make things faster. They help with paperwork, legal procedures, and provide guidance. But just how much can they really speed things up?

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Well, the answer to this question is more interesting than you might think. Keep reading to find out how an experienced immigration lawyer can make a real difference in your immigration journey. 

5 Ways An Immigration Lawyer Can Help Speed Up the Process of Your Immigration Case

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Let’s break down into five distinct ways an experienced immigration lawyer can assist in speeding up the immigration process. 


The immigration paperwork can be complex and overwhelming. It requires meticulous attention to detail because any minor mistake can cause unnecessary delays or even rejection of your immigration applications. 

Immigration attorneys are well-versed in immigration law, and they understand the necessary forms and procedures. They can help fill out the paperwork accurately and submit it promptly, reducing the risk of any setbacks. 

Advise on the Process

Immigration law is complex, and understanding it can be quite challenging for those not familiar with it. This is where the advice of an experienced immigration lawyer comes in handy.

They understand the ins and outs of immigration services, which helps them guide their clients through the entire process smoothly. They can help you understand the steps required, how long each step might take, and what can be done to speed up each step.

Consider All Your Options

There are different routes to gaining United States citizenship. Whether you’re aiming to become a green card holder or seeking a different immigration status, understanding all your options can be difficult.

Experienced immigration lawyers are knowledgeable about all the available paths to immigration and can advise you on which one might be the most suitable and quickest for you.

Help Your Case Stay Up-to-Date

Immigration laws and regulations frequently change. These changes can affect your immigration application. Immigration attorneys keep themselves updated with any changes in immigration law.

They ensure that your application complies with the most recent laws and regulations, preventing unnecessary delays and increasing the speed of the process.

Use Their Experience

Experienced immigration lawyers have dealt with a variety of cases. They have learned from each case and can use this experience to benefit your case. If your case has complex issues, they might have dealt with similar ones before and know how to navigate them effectively. Their experience allows them to anticipate potential issues and address them proactively, which can speed up the process significantly.

Remember, it’s not just about speeding up the process; it’s about ensuring your application is solid, legal, and stands the best chance of success. If you require legal assistance, most immigration lawyers offer a free consultation to discuss your case.

Taking advantage of this can make a big difference in your immigration journey. An experienced immigration attorney can provide valuable advice and guidance, helping you navigate the citizenship and immigration services system more efficiently.

FAQs about the immigration process are quite common, given its notoriously complex nature. Let’s delve into some of these queries:

Can I personally speed up my immigration process?

Yes, it’s possible to speed up certain aspects of your immigration process. One way is to take advantage of premium processing, which can expedite the adjudication of certain types of immigration petitions and applications. You can also request expedited processing by calling the USCIS Contact Center at 800-375-5283 (TTY 800-767-1833) or by asking Emma after you have obtained a receipt notice. However, keep in mind that each case is unique, and it’s important to thoroughly understand your situation to avoid delays. 

What to do if immigration is taking too long?

If your immigration case is taking longer than expected, there are a few actions you can take. First, consider writing a letter to the immigration office handling your case. While it may seem old-fashioned, it’s a formal way to express your concern and seek information about your case’s progress. Next, you can schedule an appointment with USCIS to discuss your case in person. It’s often an effective way to get real-time updates. Lastly, hiring an immigration attorney can make a huge difference. They’re equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience to navigate the system, handle potential issues, and advocate on your behalf.

Can you sue immigration for taking too long?

Yes, it’s possible to sue immigration if there have been unreasonable delays in your case. You may file a complaint against the Immigration Service in the Federal Court. The Court can compel the Immigration Service to make a decision in your case. However, remember that the outcome of this decision could be either positive or negative. It’s also important to note that legal action should be considered a last resort and is best handled by a professional immigration attorney.

Can a lawyer go to an immigration interview?

Absolutely! Immigration attorneys can accompany you to your immigration interview, as long as they’ve had the opportunity to review your file ahead of time. Having an attorney present can offer a sense of security, provide on-the-spot legal advice, and help ensure all your documents are in order. Whether it’s a work permit application or any other immigration issue, having an experienced lawyer can be invaluable in navigating the immigration system effectively. It’s just another way how hiring an immigration attorney can help speed up the immigration process and provide peace of mind.

Final Thoughts


Navigating the immigration system doesn’t have to be a struggle. With the expertise of an experienced immigration lawyer, you can simplify the process and potentially speed it up.

Ready to begin your immigration journey with confidence? Reach out to Westover Law Firm, based in Mesa, AZ, for a free consultation today. 

Let us guide you through your immigration process, ensuring a smoother and quicker journey towards your American dream. Get in touch today – we’re ready to help!

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